The best ways to change your attitude when you really don’t want to exercise.

Posted on 27th Nov 2018

Let’s face it, while there are many benefits to exercising regularly, it is not always easy to push yourself to do it. There are sure to be days when you just don’t want to exercise and there seem to be lots of other things that you would rather do. Motivation is the key, but even getting motivated can be tricky at times. Here are some great ways to get exercising during the time when you just don’t want to. 

1) Remember Your Goals

You started exercising for a reason; maybe to lose weight, feel better about yourself or to improve muscle tone. No matter what your reasons for exercising may be, it is important to remember them and use them to stay focused. Also bear in mind that it is only getting started on the exercise session that is the hard part and when you are actually exercising you will feel a burst of energy that will lif your mood and make the experience much easier. 

2) Do Something You Enjoy

Perhaps you don’t feel like exercising because you are stuck in a rut and bored with your exercise routine. This is the time to change it up a little and choose a type of exercise that you really enjoy. If you usually spend time pumping iron in the gym, perhaps go for a run or a swim instead. Another great way to motivate yourself is to multitask and do an activity that you enjoy at the same time. Perhaps listen to your favourite music or a cool audio book while you run. People who enjoy reading or watching films are sure to find that the time melts away when they hop on an exercise bike in the gym and peddle away while being entertained. 

3) Schedule a Reward or Treat

Having something to look forward can help to motivate you to start exercising and push on through when things start to get a bit hard. Of course, this could be a sweet treat such as an ice cream or chocolate, although if you give yourself these rewards too often they could undo all the good effects of exercising in the first place. It may be better to plan treats such as going to the cinema, spending time with friends or going on a day trip and whatever you decide to use as a reward or treat make sure that you do not enjoy these things until after you have finished exercising. 

4) Get an Exercise Buddy

Exercising with a friend or family member is a great way to stay on schedule and make sure that you go the distance. Knowing that you have committed to exercising at a certain time and that someone is waiting for you is likely to make sure that you show up, as you will not want to let the other person down or look bad. If you are doing a type of exercise such as running or swimming, having an exercise buddy to compete against can also push you to work harder and longer to try and beat them. 

5) Just Do It!

Stop listening to that little voice giving you excuses not to exercise and get going. The more you think about exercising rather than doing it, the easier it will be to put it off. If possible, go for a run or workout first thing in the morning and get focused so that this is the first thing you think about when you wake up. Breakfast will taste so much better if you have exercised first.