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Can the Words "Fitness" and "Fun" be Used in the Same Sentence?

Posted on 27th Nov 2018

When you envision the term "fitness", what images come to mind? Do you picture an action-packed workout, plenty of laughs and an emotional high for hours after the routine is over? Or, do you instead imagine a gruelling session that is akin to torture more than satisfaction? If you tend to lean towards the second definition, you are not alone. We should still remember that the ultimate perception is in the eye of the beholder. There are several ways to add a bit of spice into your current routine while still achieving the goals that you had previously set for yourself. What are some methods that are worth looking into?

All About Innovation

One of the main reasons why a fitness routine can become frustrating is the simple fact that it may be boring. We need to appreciate that placing our bodies under a great deal of strain is rarely considered to be "fun" by most individuals. Instead, it is the atmosphere that surrounds such activities which defines your levels of satisfaction. For instance, running on a treadmill for 20 minutes alone is hardly an ideal way to spend an afternoon or evening. On the contrary, a healthy competition that is fostered between a few friends can create an excellent motivational scenario. Other ideas can be setting a routine to uplifting music or even instructor-led games during a class.

The Change-Up Principle

Over time, your body stops responding to a certain routine. Not only will this create a dull environment, but you might not experience the same results as before. Changing up a fitness programme every six to eight weeks is a great way to stave off any potential boredom. You need to keep both your mind and your body guessing. In turn, you will remain focused upon your goals and continue to challenge yourself along the way. 

Birds of a Feather...

Most of us enjoy training with a group of like-minded individuals. Such partners are great motivators while we can very literally feed off of the energy of one another. Unfortunately, this energy can either be positive or negative. Try to surround yourself with peers who are funny, light-hearted and who are able to pick you up on those occasional "off" days. Lively group settings can also help to take your focus off of the physical exertion and instead, highlight the path on the way to better physical health. This principle holds just as true for hardcore weight lifters as it does for those who are looking to lose a few extra kilogrammes within a cross-training class. 

Very few of us look forward to the physical exertion and the soreness that inevitably result from a good fitness regimen. However, this does not mean that we cannot add a bit of fun within any routine. The key is to change your perspective, to embrace a bit of innovation and to feed off of group positivity. You might even make a few good friends along the way!