These are individuals just like you who have struggled with their weight, diet or had a fitness goal they had a desire to achieve. Through Activate Fitness they have now found success and we are proud to share their transformations and success stories with you.

Everyone had a different reason for joining Activate Fitness but they all have one thing in common now, and that is results!


“Within 4 months I lost 3st 3Ibs………………..have just completed a 36K Challenge!”

Within 4 months of joining Shredders I lost 3st 3Ibs, 5" from my Chest, 7" from my Waist and went from a XXXL to a Small Top. Mark is now my Personal Trainer to further develop my fitness and new love of running. Thanks to a Training Schedule he designed I've completed a couple of 5km and 10km races, a Half Marathon and have just completed a 36K Challenge! I’m currently training with Mark for my first Marathon. Mark's enthusiasm, positive attitude and desire are infectious. He shows genuine delight when my goals are being smashed. He is so passionate to see me succeed. He's an excellent Trainer (extremely knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition). He makes me feel that we are working together and not in isolation, it’s always “we and us” when working out or setting goals never “you”. Mark works tirelessly to ensure all my training is enjoyable by introducing new and innovated ideas to ensure I continue to push myself and achieve results. I've achieved all this despite a couple of health problems (Mark tailored training around them) and being 50+.


“Wish I could have done this a long time ago………………..I lost 2st 7Ibs”

I wish I could have done this a long time ago. I have never really had the determination and always gave up 2 weeks in, but as this was in a group, I felt more determined and motivated. I lost 2st 7Ibs and really enjoyed the training. The members are really friendly and we've helped each other along the way! As a result of the nutritional advice it has become a lot easier for me to make healthy food choices. Mark wants you to believe in yourself and your capabilities. He does everything he can to help you achieve your goal whilst having fun.


“Getting me back into training.................. losing 3st in just 6 months”

A big thanks to Mark at Activate Fitness for the kick up the back side and getting me back into training. I took up cycling alongside personal training and I feel great again after losing 3st in just 6 months.


“Lost 1st within a month……………….able to make better decisions about what to eat”

Training with Charli has been a great experience and I’ve loved every minute. I lost 1st within a month which has given me so much more energy. My fitness and overall health has really improved. Prior to training I did very little exercise and was struggling to do a 5 minute brisk walk, now I can easily do 40 minutes! I was very confused about “healthy foods” but due to advice and a food plan developed for me I’m able to make better decisions about what to eat. Charli has motivated me to try new exercises and I feel great after every session.


“Drive and determination I was given……………….losing 1st in one month”

Going to the gym put me off and I could never really push myself, so when Shredders came along I jumped at the chance to join. The drive and determination I was given by Mark and the rest of the group helped me to push myself and achieve my first goal of losing 1st in one month. I feel better and have more energy through my working day. The nutritional advice helped a lot especially at the weekends. After every session I felt that I had achieved something that I could never do on my own. I also gained friends and support from people who were in the same position. This is down to Mark pushing and advising me. Thanks Mark!


“I’ve lost 1st 7Ibs in just over 6 weeks………………..delighted with the effect this has had on my body shape”

I started the New Year determined to make a change and am really thrilled with my achievement. Since joining Shredders I’ve lost 1st 7lbs in just over 6 weeks. I’m delighted with the effect this has had on my body shape, in particular around my waist. I’ve had to buy new training gear as my old clothes are now too big for me.


“Managed to not only hit my target………………..fitness levels increased quicker than ever”

I was struggling to reach my target to reduce “my gut” as although I'd already made some progress I’d hit a plateau. Mark gave me a new workout plan and food suggestions which were really helpful. Thanks to his help I managed to not only hit my target but my fitness levels increased quicker than ever due to the HIIT sessions and weights programme I was missing previously. Thanks Mark!


“He has enabled me to succeed in more ways than just physical exercise……………….. training for an IRONMAN event”

I have worked with Mark over a number of years to refine my training plans for the endurance events I participate in. With his help, support and knowledge I have developed from doing my own training, without any real focused approach through to Mark working with me recently on my strength & conditioning for my Triathlon Events. His wealth of knowledge and a firm but friendly approach to working with me, has not only enabled me to improve my fitness levels, but has taught me more about the importance of nutrition, rest & recovery. My problem has never been about motivation or training, but how to channel and refine my enthusiasm into the most efficient it can be. Throughout the times I have worked with Mark, he has enabled me to succeed in more ways than just physical exercise – his belief in my capabilities has led me to training for an IRONMAN event next year at the age of 57years old.  I look forward to continue working with Mark in the future and utilise his skills, knowledge & experience to improve my performances.


“Delighted with my improvements……………….physique and muscular definition within 8 weeks”

I started training with Mark to improve my overall strength to help my performance as a Rock Climber. With the combination of a structured training plan and nutritional guidance I have been delighted with my improvement and changes to my physique and muscular definition within 8 weeks. Mark doesn’t just tell you what to do he educates, encourages and works with you every step of the way.


“Amazing feeling being part of the Shredders’ family………………..just completed my first 5K race!”

It's really nice to have found a group that keeps me motivated! Mark is a fabulous trainer both in the gym and when I need meal advice at home! The group are lovely welcoming people and it’s an amazing feeling being a part of the Shredders’ family. I’ve just completed my first 5K race!