Shredders is much more than a gym class – it is a Transformation Programme, tailored to your requirements, based on our passion for healthy living. If your goal is to lose weight, improve your fitness or enhance self-body confidence, then Shredders is for you. Combining my support I use a friendly and teamwork approach alongside training and nutritional guidance. It really is the complete fitness package.

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Your Shredders fitness package will include:

  • Three training sessions a week.
  • Personalised Transformation Pack containing your exercise programme, training and non training day meal plans, food diary, body measurement record sheet and useful information and tips to help you succeed.
  • Weekly recipe videos.
  • Opportunity for reviews of your food diary, exercise programme and body measurements.
  • Home workout videos.
  • Complimentary gym passes.
  • Our Activate Fitness Recipe Book, Nutrition Essentials Guide, Guide To Batch Cooking and Guide To Mindset.
  • Membership of our online private support group where we share weight loss, training, nutrition and motivational tips. It is also used for posting any questions and celebrating successes.
  • An Activate Fitness training top.

On joining, you are immediately part of the group, training alongside like-minded people who also want to get in shape and transform their fitness levels. The experience brings individuals together,supporting and encouraging each other and creating new friendships. Shredders promotes mutual support and fun whilst pursuing your goals.

We use a private studio and gym at The Heath Leisure Suite, The Heath Business & Technical Park, Runcorn WA7 4QX. Training sessions are held every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm – 8pm and Saturdays 8:15am - 9am.

There is no joining fee or tie in contract just a monthly fee of £70.00.

This is your opportunity to make the changes you have promised yourself.

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What are the payment arrangements?

Your first payment will guarantee a place for a month. We will then set up your membership to be paid monthly via a standing order. You can cancel your membership at anytime without incurring a fee. Although if you decide to leave part way through a month you will not be entitled to a refund. Unfortunately refunds are not available if you are unable to attend a training session.

Will I be fit enough for the workouts?

Shredders is for a range of abilities. Workouts are designed to suit all clients assessed fit enough to join. There is no pressure to keep up with other members and workouts can be completed at your own pace. The only competition is when we play our fun warm up team games. If you are struggling with a particular exercise there is always an alternative exercise to enable you to continue and get the benefits. All I ask is that you try your hardest.

What types of exercises are included in the sessions?

A variety of exercises are used to help you achieve your goal and keep you motivated including:

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – burns calories in a shorter amount of time.
  • Aerobic – improves your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Weights – to tone muscles.
  • Most exercises are timed based rather than rep based. You should complete as many reps or work as hard as you are able to for as long as you can during the time limit.

Will I build muscle using weights during the workouts?

You will not build muscle like a bodybuilder but you will become leaner. Weight training tones your muscles and increases your metabolism which means you will burn more calories and improve your body composition. The following types of weight training are included:

  • Body Weight – using your own body weight as a resistance.
  • Weight Lifting – using dumbbells and barbells to strengthen your muscles.
  • Dynamic Training – engaging your muscles explosively at fairly light loads.

Is the programme for males or females?

The programme is for men and women and everyone is made to feel welcome into the group.

Is there a minimum age?

You have to be a minimum of 16 to join.

How long will it take to achieve my goal?

Everyone is unique so achieve their goals at a different pace. I always say to members you get out of it what you put in. The harder you work the quicker you will achieve your goal.

Why are sessions one hour long?

Sessions are one hour long so that we can complete a thorough warm up and cool down. I have found from experience that not enough time and importance is given to these vital parts of a session to prevent injury.